Fire at London Zoo Kills Aardvark and Injures Staff

By Dave Meikleham on at

London Zoo has been shut "until further notice" following the outbreak of a fire that injured workers and killed an aardvark.

Image: ZooChat

The blaze started at the zoo's Animal Adventure section, and at its height, took over 70 firefighters to finally put out. Though there were no human fatalities, eight zoo workers were treated for injuries, while one other person was taken to hospital.

Unfortunately, Misha the aardvark wasn't so lucky. The zoo has confirmed the nocturnal mammal died in the fire, while it also states four meerkats are missing.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

London Zoo released the following statement after the fire was put out:

"Sadly our vets have confirmed the death of our nine-year-old aardvark, Misha. There are also four meerkats unaccounted for at this stage, and we have limited access to site to confirm this.

"All other animals in the vicinity are being monitored closely by our vets, but early signs suggest they have not been affected. We will continue to monitor them over the coming days."

The zoo says it will reopen once "when we know it is safe to do so for animals, staff and visitors".

What a thoroughly crappy event to occur at any time, let alone two days before Christmas.