Give People Bitcoin This Christmas, the Gift That'll Stress Them 24/7

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of entrepreneurs, drinking loads of coffee while trying to think of a way to make themselves rich out of Bitcoin, have had an idea. They're selling Bitcoin gift tokens you can give people for Christmas, then sit back and watch their facial expressions rise and fall in line with the value of the recently invented approximation of money.

Obviously due to the value of Bitcoin you'd be mad to give anyone a whole actual Bitcoin, so what they're doing is auctioning it off in normal money-sized chunks. You can have a £10, £50 or £100 Bitcoin voucher, although how that actually works when the actual units need holding in a digital wallet we're not too sure.

They don't do a particularly good job of selling it on the site, either, as a £50 chunk of Bitcoin costs £70, and the listing warns: "Get the gift that they'll remember in 10 years' time. Your gift be worth millions or it could be worth nothing - and that's what's so exciting!"

If it's excitement and money disappearing they want, why not buy your beloved a fixed-odds betting terminal instead. [Give Coin Gifts via City AM]