Google Play Rejected An App Because it Mentioned BitTorrent

By Tom Pritchard on at

BitTorrent apps aren't exactly hard to come by on Google Play, particularly in comparison to the iTunes App Store. But BiglyBT just got its own app rejected from the Android-centric app store because of the word 'BitTorrent' in the description.

But before you panic this isn't Google starting a clampdown on torrenting software. Instead Google claimed the rejection was because of the app's metadata, specifically because it mentions another brand (BitTorrent). It's an odd situation, though. While BitTorrent is a term trademarked by BitTorrent Inc, it's an open source transfer protocol, which means damn near anyone can use or modify it for their own clients.

According to TorrentFreak BitTorrent Inc confirmed didn't ask Google to take this action, and given the open source nature of BitTorrent it doesn't seem likely that they would suddenly decide to enforce the trademark.

The developers at Bigly are pretty shocked at the decision, particularly since it affected an update to an existing app. The good news is that the update was approved after they changed references to BitTorrent to regular old torrent.

It's not clear whether the flag was by automated or manual systems, which also means it might be a problem in future. Devs who use the BitTorrent client are just going to have to wait and see what happens next time they update their software on Google Play. [TorrentFreak]

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