Happy Train Fare Rise Outrage Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

'Tis the season for the rail companies to ruin the Christmases of millions of people, by revealing next year's ticket prices. And you'll never guess what's happened; they've only gone and handed themselves a massive pay rise for the privilege of being shuttled to work in a metal tube of armpits.

On average, the nationwide increase in off-peak prices and regulated fares, including season tickets and the like, works out to a massive 3.4 per cent. The good news is this means the trains will all be new and better and longer and... no wait, that's Japan.

Over here, where we invented them but have grown gradually worse at doing them, the Rail Delivery Group is trying to paint this as good news because the rise could have been as high as 3.6 per cent under inflation-pegging rules, so phewie! Lucky old us. The RDG also says 97 per cent of the money earned through ticket costs goes back into the network, plus there's that new rail ticket for you millennials, so stop complaining. Yo don't want to have to worry about a car, do you? That involves talking to mechanics at least one a year.

The rail price rises take effect from January 2nd, so might actually help if this year's resolution is about cycling to work more. [BBC]

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