Heathrow Teases More Affordable Phased Expansion Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

Heathrow has announced a plan to announce something, revealing that its version of the consultation about What To Do With The Airport is coming in mid January.

The key movement within today's release is the used of the word "phased" to talk about one way in which the new runway could be delivered, which Heathrow thinks we should read as meaning cheaper to do and hopefully more achievable, rather than meaning something that's likely to drag on and on and on and cost ten times what everyone said it would.

The key wording on the gradual approach reads: "Delivering expansion affordably is a key priority for Heathrow and the consultation will also include how this can be achieved by phasing the construction of new terminal infrastructure at the airport. By incrementally increasing infrastructure to align more closely with passenger growth, Heathrow is increasingly confident that expansion can be delivered, while keeping airport charges close to current levels."

People in west London will take that to mean lorries full of gravel rumbling past their doorsteps for an additional 10 years, though, so are unlikely to suddenly embrace the project. [Heathrow]