Japan is Getting Singing Drones to Encourage Workers to go Home at a Reasonable Hour

By Dave Meikleham on at

Perhaps more than any other nation on Earth, Japan struggles with a culture of overworking. Stress-related deaths caused by long working weeks are now in the thousands, so to ensure Japanese workers go home at a reasonable hour, one firm has come up with a pretty unique solution. A flying, singing solution.

Developed by office security firm Taisei, the F-Frend service uses flying drones to tell workers it's quitting time. Well, I say 'tell'. What said drones actually do is blare out Auld Lang Syne to batter people's ears into submission. In the West, the Scottish ditty is traditionally played at New Year, usually when folk are getting royally bladdered on whisky, but in Japan, the song is regularly used in shopping malls to let customers know the store is closing.

“You can’t really work when you think ‘it’s coming over any time now,’ and hear ‘Auld Lang Syne’ along with the buzz,” Norihiro Kato tells The Japan Times. Kato works as a director at Taisei, and the firm plans to roll out the service in April, with a target price set at ¥500,000 (£3,290) per month

Here's some footage of the drone in action:

I'm very sorry I did that to your ears.

Still, if this system can help save lives, our battered lugs will just have to take one for the team.

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