Kodi Streaming Protects You From Malware and Crypto Miners, Claims TVAddons

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently there's been a lot of talk about dodgy Kodi add-ons being a threat to users and their information - particularly from the entertainment industry. There've also been problems with websites and wi-fi networks using computers for crypto currency mining. Well the infamous Kodi repository TVAddons claims that Kodi streaming can actually protect you from all that.

The site claims that the reason Kodi is hated by the entertainment industry is because it gives users the chance to avoid adverts and "all forms of monetisation". Probably the whole potential for piracy thing as well, since avoiding all monetisation is difficult if you're streaming from legit services that you paid for. Not that dodgy streaming is endorsed by Kodi itself, mind.

The site also claims that Kodi users are able to avoid dangerous malware and secret crypto currency miners by streaming through the platform. For this reason TVAddons claims that Kodi add-ons are a force for good, because it lets users skip all the "hooey" that would otherwise tarnish their streaming experience.

We define "hooey" as anything that isn't absolutely necessary to the streaming experience: fancy web design, advertisements, promotions, upsell offers and popups. Kodi addons scrape the web site structure and streaming links, that's it.

Much of that "hooey" is designed to keep streaming sites alive, since the bandwidth required for streaming high quality video is rarely cheap. That's why many of those streaming sites refuse to work if you have an adblock installed - which itself puts your machine at further risk.

Despite claims justifying use of Kodi addons, TVAddons seems to be talking about dodgy services and not their legitimate counterparts. Some legitimate streaming services do serve adverts on some cheaper subscription plans (like Hulu and CBS All Access, though neither of them are available here in the UK), the likes of Netflix and Amazon skip them entirely. Of course dodgy Kodi add-ons are going to be a better alternative to dodgy streaming sites, but that's probably not why people dislike them.

Hollywood wants you to pay for your content, and if you're not then it doesn't care how you're accessing it. Likewise Kodi doesn't want people using the dodgy unsupported add-ons because it gives gives the media centre a bad name. It sounds like TVAddons is trying to justify its own existence as a safer alternative, but seeing as how it appears to have talked about dodgy Kodi add-ons are an alternative to other dodgy services, it's not going to win any favours. [TVAddons via Beta News]

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