Land Rover Now Does a Very Posh £50k Van

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you have a business based around selling very expensive items to rich people in parts of town with quite high kerbs, here's a thing for you to put on expenses -- the latest van version of the current Land Rover Discovery.

It's the Discovery Commercial, and what they've done is take out the back seats to create 1,856 litres of box capacity, blacked out the rear windows, and upped the price of the entry level model by a fair bit so that it costs nearly £50,000 including VAT and costs.  Land Rover's example imagery shows what they expect it could be used for, illustrating it made all yellow and pink for a business that delivers flowers to self-reporting yummy mummies, or packed up with diving equipment for dad's holiday in Dubai.

Particularly weird is that the 1,856 litres capacity is actually less than that of the standard model with the seats folded down, due to the chunky guard between driver and load. It's the Brexit Land Rover. [Land Rover]

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