Man Jailed for Massively Faking CV

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's been jailed for one entire calendar year for faking qualifications on his CV, and although lots of people are tempted to massage their qualifications a little bit, he really, really went for it.

48-year-old David Scott fancied landing himself a £120,000 a year — plus perks — job in the oil industry, so he added not one but three pretend relevant qualifications to his CV to make sure he was the chosen one. He declared himself to have a master's degree in business from Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University, plus petroleum engineering and bachelor of science degrees from Imperial College.

But, he didn't really. Not only that, he also pretended to have authored the preeminent paper in his fictional field, claiming to be the David Scott that wrote the hardcore industrial piece Nonparametric Regression For Analysis Of Complex Surveys And Geographic Visualisation — but that was written by a different David Scott from the US.

Our UK-based Scott was rumbled after a few months in the job when placed in charge of a petroleum installation programme in Kazakhstan, one that colleagues soon realised he wasn't at all qualified to handle and inspired them to investigate his back story. [The Times]