Minimum of 10Mbps Broadband to Become a Legal Right by 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has politely declined BT's offer to implement a voluntary minimum national broadband speed and is going down the regulatory route, promising that "everyone" should have access to a home internet service of at least 10Mbps by the year 2020 as it's to become a legal right.

That what it says, anyway, with the government's regulatory Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps apparently set at the minimum level for a family to all be on the internet guffawing at their funny things at once. This means there is now a " requirement for high speed broadband to be provided to anyone requesting it, subject to a cost threshold," with the latter caveat presumably meaning that if you're on an exchange only line in the sticks you can have a clunky satellite option to get you off the outstanding list.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley said: "We are grateful to BT for their proposal but have decided that only a regulatory approach will make high speed broadband a reality for everyone in the UK, regardless of where they live or work." [GOV]

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