Poundland Not Yet Sorry About Sexual Harassment Elf Ads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poundland appears to be trying to pull a Greggs with its latest festive marketing campaign, in which a sexually suggestive elf causes trouble of a kind that hasn't been endorsed by a major retailer since the 1980s.

In particular, this image of an elf carrying out what we believe might be described as a "tea-bagging" on a positive female role model doll has kicked off a massive fuss... which Poundland has not yet yielded. It has, instead, edited out the Twinings brand name due to a complaint by Twinings, and republished the image (top of page). The new version is still online at time of writing, but surely someone important is going to reign in the ballsy young social media upstart before this hits the Daily Mail.

The campaign has so far included the inappropriate elf making a joke about poking a sexy lady doll, drawing a penis on something and some tits on something else, plus also brushing its groin with a toothbrush. Today's social media post is of the elf suggesting it's all been a storm in a teacup. Brinkmanship. [Twitter]