Poundland's Toblerone Homage is This Week's eBay Scalper Target

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long running saga of the Poundland Twin Peaks bar — a rough legal and confectionery equivalent of the Toblerone — has taken a new turn this week, as the launch of the bar seems to have been attended mostly by people looking to sell them on a for a profit on eBay.

Some chancer has put one up with a buy it now price of £15, should a rich dad need to get one in a hurry for his little Violet Beauregarde this Christmas. A completed listing appears to show that one of the bars did indeed sell for £15, plus at time of writing there are 12 other listings for the Twin Peaks bar on the site.

It's become the top snacking phenomenon for Christmas, and all because of Toblerone's disastrous redesign. [eBay via Mirror]