Shervin Pishevar Resigns from Sherpa Capital Following Sexual Assault Allegations

By Melanie Ehrenkranz on at

Shervin Pishevar released a statement on Thursday announcing his resignation from Sherpa Capital, “effective immediately.” The venture capitalist had taken a leave of absence from the firm earlier this month, following a report detailing sexual harassment and assault allegations made against him. In both statements, Pishevar said it was his own decision to leave, and reiterated his claim that the allegations are untrue.

A Sherpa Capital spokesperson told Gizmodo on 5th December that the firm “has never received a sexual harassment complaint,” but that it was “launching an independent internal review to ensure our practices and operations continue to reflect the highest professional and ethical standards.”

Sherpa Capital’s past investments include Uber and Airbnb.

When Pishevar initially took a leave of absence, he said it was to focus on a defamation lawsuit he had filed against Definers Public Affairs. Pishevar is suing the company for what he has described as a “smear campaign” against him. Pishevar has said the research firm is helping spread a rape allegation made against him earlier this year, one that he alleges is false. Soon after Pishevar declared he was going to focus on the lawsuit, Definers Public Affairs filed a motion to dismiss his lawsuit, BuzzFeed reported. The motion claimed that the suit was filed “before reporters published their stories, undoubtedly hoping his lawsuit would intimidate women and the press from revealing reports of alleged sexual misconduct and harassment.”

Beyond the rape allegation in London, Pishevar has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, as detailed in a Bloomberg report earlier this month. The report describes several instances in which Pishevar allegedly used his professional influence to take advantage of women looking for opportunities in the industry.

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