Some People Are Reporting Google's USB-C Headphone Adaptors Aren't Working

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know that Google's Pixel 2 comes sans-headphone jack, following in the footsteps of Apple and other phone companies that don't have the same power over headlines. While there are bundled adaptors for people still wanting to take advantage of their analogue headphone cables, people have started reporting that they're not always working properly.

Users have taken to Google product forums to complain about the issue, with Pixel 2 and 2 XL handsets seemingly failing to recognise the adaptor is plugged in. So instead of playing music through headphones, the phones are continuing to play it through the speakers as though nothing is plugged in.

Apparently restarting the phone solves the problem temporarily, and Google has recommended booting up the phone in safe mode to make sure there are no apps interfering with the output. While some people have reported this works, the fact that its not a universal fix isn't that great. Having to boot up your phone in safe mode to listen to music also incredibly inconvenient, which doesn't help matters.

The inconsistency means there probably isn't a general problem affecting everyone, but a lot of people have assumed the adaptors themselves are the problem. Google has offered replacement adaptors for people suffering from these issues, which hopefully sorts the issue out. Then again if it's a software problem, then Google has some work to do to make sure it gets fixed. Luckily Pixels are pretty easy to update compared to other Android handsets.

But it's safe to say that this was never a wide-spread problem with the headphone jack, may you rest in peace. [Android Police]

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