The UK's Most Interesting Statistic of 2017 is Lovably Dull

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Statistical Society has, somehow, decided on the most interesting stats shared by people during 2017. The American winner was Something That Makes You Think as popularised by a Kardashian, a fact that highlighted how more Americans are killed in lawnmower accidents than slaughtered by terrorists.

In the UK, though, the most interesting statistic was endearingly boring. It was a fact revealing the percentage of the United Kingdom land area that is densely built upon, and came with a map and loads of supporting evidence as proof. It doesn't appear to have been retweeted by anyone massively famous. This is it:

The RSS said: "This statistic appealed to the judging panel because the debate about housing, urbanisation and environmental protection is highly topical and, the judges believe, it will come as a surprise to many people just how little of the UK has been 'concreted over'."

Yeah whatever but wow! 69 Americans mowed themselves to death! [RSS via Newsbeat]

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