TV Addons, the Constant Thorn in Kodi's Side, Will Not Go Down Easily

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you pay attention to Kodi news, you'll have heard of TV Addons. The add-on repository has a reputation for enabling piracy, and because of that reputation it's not very popular over at Kodi head office. To the point where they've been known to fire shots at each other on Twitter.

Canadian telecoms companies had tried to kill off TV Addons' repository, but now it's back from the dead. It just goes to show how difficult it is to have anything removed from the internet. Just ask The Pirate Bay.

After a lawsuit from Canadian telecoms Bell, Rogers, TVA, and Videotron led to the seizing TV Addons' domain and social media accounts. The legality of that confiscation is sketchy, as noted by the EFF, but despite winning the lawsuit, a lengthy appeals process meant TV Addons was faced with a choice: give up or start over from scratch. Evidently it's chosen to start over.

Since nobody had to register to use the repository, the team only had 90,000 emails on file (from registered forum users) which forced it to rebuild its social presence from the ground up. But it's apparently paid off. Last month TV Addons has 12 million monthly users which, while a way off from the 39 million it had pre-legal trouble in March, means it's on its on its way to being its old self again.

TV Addons is now calling on Kodi developers to start submitting add-ons again. No mention on what kinds of add-ons it wants, but you'd hope it would try and avoid the illegal ones given how much trouble they caused last time.

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