TVPlayer's Premium Subscription Will Let You Record Live TV and Store it in the Cloud

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember TVPlayer? You should, because it's an app available damn near everywhere that lets you watch over 70 Freeview channels on your phone/computer/smart TV and so on, without having to pay. All without an aerial, thanks to the magic of streaming.

TVPlayer has had a premium subscription option for a while, letting you access extra channels in exchange for £6 a month. Now, though, it's splitting that subscription into two - and bringing in cloud-based DVR-like features in the process.

TVPlayer Plus will be available in two different forms, Lite (£6 a month) and Max (£8 a month). While the difference between them aren't clear right now, both packages will include the option to record Live TV streams and store it in the cloud. Every Plus subscriber will get 10 hours of storage as standard, and paying an additional £5 a month gets you 150 hours of space.

Unfortunately the recording is restricted to the premium channels, but there are plans to roll it out across the whole service in future. TVPlayer has also promised that temporary downloads for offline viewing will also be available at some point.

Currently Plus comes with 36 premium channels that you can't get on Freeview - like National Geographic, SyFy, Comedy Central, and more. It also removes ads that are present in the free version (though not from the live broadcasts, obviously), lets you watch across multiple devices, and has a limited amount of on demand catch-up content that's set to expand in future.

In the age of downloads and on-demand streaming, TVPlayer might not appeal to everyone. But seeing as how it lets you stream every Freeview channel in a single place —rather than asking you to download and navigate a bunch of different apps— it's certainly going to be useful for anyone who still watches live TV and doesn't want to pay for services like Sky. Especially since it's available on pretty much very device imaginable, including Windows Phone. Adding video recording is just icing on the cake, so to speak. [Engadget]

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