Vigilantes Roam London Parks in Fight Against Swan Serial Killer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something grim has been happening in the parks of south London, where a lunatic with a weird thing against swans has been stabbing the poor creatures and beheading them.

But this is not as depressing a story as it initially seems, as the news has done the classic old thing of bringing people together in order to fight the swan murdering sicko. Local groups have been formed to patrol both Birchmere Park and Southmere Lake where the six dead swans were found, with volunteers walking the area in order to protect the protected feathery things.

Local RSPCA inspector Nick Wheelhouse said: "Neighbourhood wardens are now patrolling the area. And locals are so concerned about the birds that they've set up a patrol group to protect them, with various volunteers patrolling the area at night."

It's a fast-track to an MBE for all concerned in the swan safety efforts. [Telegraph]