What If Eleven in Stranger Things Is Even More Connected to the Monsters Than We Know?

By Julie Muncy on at

Who’s the real monster in Stranger Things, anyway? A new video runs down the pretty compelling fan theory.

The video, put out by, suggests that Eleven’s connection to the demogorgon in season one might be deeper than it first appears. Specifically, the video posits that the demogorgon is Eleven—an aspect of her that she can’t control. The monster is named, after all, for a monster with split personalities.

This isn’t a new theory, but the video lays out evidence for it in a pretty compelling fashion. It certainly would be a nice wrinkle, helping the show problematise its ideas about monstrosity.

You can watch the video below, and sound off in the comments. Does this theory hold any water? Or is it... upside down? Okay, sorry, I had to.