Where is The Grand Tour Season 2 Test Track?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Amazon released the first episode of second series of The Grand Tour this morning, and there are a bunch of changes that have been made since last year. We already know about the revamped celebrity segment and the tour tent that isn't touring, but now that the episode is out we know there's a brand new test track.

You'll remember that last year's test track was at the former RAF Wroughton, near Wroughton and Swindon in Wiltshire. The trio of presenters joked that they couldn't pack up a race track and travel the world with the studio tent, so the two remained separated for the entire series.

This year that's not an issue, so the test track is located near the tent on The Great Tew Estate in the Cotswolds - a location that, by sheer coincidence, is only about 15 minutes away from where Jeremy Clarkson lives in Chipping Norton. Or lived, at least, since they blew up his house in series 1.

The estate is also home to the Cornbury music festival, the West London Shooting Club, an annual Rough Runner race, an ironstone quarry, and a number of farms. They even have beekeepers that produce honey, which quite nice. I wonder if there'll be some tie-in Grand Tour-branded honey on the way? Probably not, but I bet that it would sell.

Unfortunately we can't actually see the track on Google Earth, which means Google's satellites haven't caught up with the face pace of modern television production. But up there is an aerial view of the site, clearly show the quarry off in the north west corner and all the green land that's just begging to have fast cars driven around it.

While the studio segments of The Grand Tour are staying in one place, which is presumably a lot more convenient for the cast and crew, the show is still continuing with its titular tour. Amazon has promised that the trio of presenters will be visiting 5 continents and even more countries, including Dubai, Spain, Mozambique, and across Hammond's favourite country the USA.

Will they ever be going to Antarctica? I know penguins don't have much interest in cars, but it'd be nice to see a South Pole-centric follow up to Top Gear's Polar Challenge.

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