Who Replaced The American as The Grand Tour's Resident Racing Driver?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Aside from the overreliance on scripting everything, The Grand Tour seems to have taken criticism of its format to heart. It swapped the painfully dull 'Celebrity Brain Crash' segment for a proper feature, and they ditched The American as the resident racing driver - since all he seemed to be able to do was drive cars and make shitty comments about them.

The American apparently didn't like coming to England to race, and Hammond admits everyone watching hated him. So he's gone. The Grand Tour it can't be a car show without a racing driver on the payroll, though, and the second episode of series 2 just revealed who's on board this year.

It's Abbie Eaton, who like Clarkson is from Yorkshire. Though a different part of Yorkshire, because she's from Hull.

Her career as a professional racing driver goes back as far as 2008, and in that time she's won the 2009 Production Touring Car Championship and the Mazda Mx5 Supercup. Last year she also came second in the British GT Championship. The Grand Tour isn't her first time on TV either, since she appareaed on ITV's Drive in 2015, coaching rapper Professor Green in a variety of racing challenges over the course of five weeks - with both eventually winning the series.

She stayed pretty quiet throughout her lap which is probably for the best. Part of The Stig's appeal is that he doesn't talk, and with a new driver that also doesn't talk much she'a far less likely to annoy viewers in the same way The American did.

Unfortunately she's yet to receive a cool on-screen nickname. Maybe she'll get one next week?

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