You Can Now Help the Homeless by Having Your iPhone's Screen Repaired

By Tom Pritchard on at

People tend to get more generous and sympathetic this time of year, which means we see a lot of work from homeless charities. Which is a good thing, because it's bloody cold outside and it's only going to get colder. If you want to help out yourself there's a lot you can do, but if your iPhone screen is cracked you can deal with two problems at once.

Phone Heroes, which operates two phone repair shops in London, has announced that five per cent of all proceeds earned from iPhone screen repairs throughout December will be used to support London's homeless population.

It's only iPhones, and not the other devices that Phone Heroes is able to repair, but seeing as how so many people have an iPhone (and the seemingly fragile nature of their screens) they should be able to generate a decent amount of cash. The business was designed to be an affordable alternative to pricey manufacturer repairs, and they also offer same day repair services, courier pick-ups, and call outs if you need them.

So if you need your screen fixed, and you're near one of the two stores (one is in Hendon, the other is near Earl's Court station) you might as well book yourself a repair. Prices vary from device to device, but if you have a cracked iPhone 7 Plus you'll know that nearly £6 is helping those in need (the repair cost is £119).

Sadly Phone Heroes doesn't seem to offer any repairs for iPhone 8s or Xs, so if you've managed to crack those already you'll have to go elsewhere.

You can book your repair on the Phone Heroes website. If you don't need an iPhone screen repairing there are always other things you can do to help too. No I don't mean smash your friend's iPhone! You can always donate to a local homelessness charity, give to a food bank, volunteer your time if you can, or see what the big national charities like Shelter, Crisis, and the Salvation Army are up to.

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