4% of the UK's Population is Drinking a Third of all Alcohol Sold

By Kim Snaith on at

During a parliamentary debate on alcohol prices yesterday, a director at Public Health England (PHE) stated that 4.4 percent of the population is consuming over 30 percent of the country's available alcohol.

That's a pretty staggering amount — around two million people are drinking just under a third of all alcohol sold. Rosanna O'Connor, who is the director of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco at PHE went onto say that the majority of this group of people are consuming alcohol that's cheap but high in strength — such as a three-litre bottle of Frosty Jack's cider, which contains 22 units of alcohol but costs as little as £3.50.

The debate was about introducing a minimum unit price on all alcohol sales. The government is proposing a minimum of 50p per alcohol unit — which means that £3.50 bottle of cider would then cost £11. For the two-thirds of the population who consume the recommended weekly limit of alcohol units or less, the financial impact of the minimum unit price would be minimal — an extra £1-£2 per week. But for those partial to regular cheap cider, they could be paying upwards of three times as much for their drink of choice. [i News]