All-Night Overseas Benders Will Probably Invalidate Your Travel Insurance

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's financial ombudsman has been analysing successful and unsuccessful cases of holiday injury compensation, with the startlingly obvious conclusion being that if you're too drunk to sign your name when you arrive in hospital it's likely that your insurer is going to refuse to pay your local emergency treatment costs.

The case of the extremely drunk man who couldn't point a pen the right way round was one of around 900 travel insurance complaint cases the ombudsman was asked to get involved with in the last quarter of 2017, with the massively hammered man's claim for compensation also hindered by the local hospital admission doctor describing him as being in a state of "acute alcohol intoxication" -- as in, it's your own fault you couldn't stand up, pal. Hence his insurers were right to deny payment.

One other man, though, who was just a little bit drunk he promised, managed to get his insurance payout for falling over in a nightclub toilet deemed valid, as it was decided he probably would have had the same accident even if he'd not been drinking. So watch out for those foreign, locally-cast floor tiles is the subtext. They're slippery when covered with tourist piss. [BBC]