All Saints Singer Launches a Social Network for Pets

By Kim Snaith on at

Nicole Appleton, of All Saints fame, has just launched PetScene — a social network app for pets.

No, there's nothing about that sentence that hasn't left us scratching our heads, either.

The idea behind PetScene is, presumably, to create a hub of animal lovers, all wanting to show off their darling fluffies, connect with like-minded pet owners and find pet-friendly events happening nearby. It's not uncommon — however tragic it may be — to come across Facebook pages that people have created for their dogs and cats — so a social network especially for them isn't completely ludicrous, I guess.

PetScene is a collaboration between app developer Second Screen (who've so far made apps for festivals among other projects) and Nicole Appleton, who brought along the inspiration for the app. Each pet will have their own profile, and owners can shares photos, videos and comments.

If your darling Rover or Felix is in desperate need of some social network attention, then you can download the PetScene app for free on Android and iPhone.