Amazon Might be Ready to Bid for Premier League Streaming Rights

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Premier League is the most popular spectator sport in the world, with people all over the world tuning in to watch British teams kick a ball around a field. It's no surprise that the rights to show those games are quite sought after, but the competition might get a bit more heated because Amazon is supposedly interested in the streaming rights.

The Football Association opens up the bidding for Premier League broadcasting rights next month, and according to Bloomberg Amazon is preparing to place a bid. It would be a big step for the company, which already streams Thursday night NFL games and ATP Tennis, though going up against the likes of Sky and BT means the rights aren't going to be cheap. The two paid a combined £5.14 billion for the rights back in 2015, which secured them the rights for three seasons.

Last month the two agreed to share their sports channels, so platform exclusives won't really exist for both business's customers. Engadget speculates that this was a pre-emptive measure to prepare for competition, since now both Amazon and Facebook have been linked to Premier League streaming rights.

While Amazon is unlikely to sweep figurative rug from under Sky and BT's feet and try to buy all the rights, it still means the two might have competition - especially if the company decides to expand its football portfolio in future years. It also doesn't mean that it might try and secure international rights, which the Football Association deals with at a separate time.

Whichever way it goes, even some football will be enough to get people to stick with Prime. People love football, and £6 a month is a hell of a lot better than a Sky subscription. [Bloomberg via Engadget]

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