Apple Lays Out the Changes Coming to iOS 11.3

By Kim Snaith on at

Apple's getting ready to roll out the latest update to iPhone and iPad operating systems — iOS 11.3 — and has just laid out details of all the changes that users can expect to their devices.

The most useful of the updates is a new feature that monitors the health of your battery. It'll only work on iPhone 6 and later, but will issue a notification if it detects that your battery needs servicing. Users will also be able to toggle on and off a power management feature. It was first introduced in iOS 10.2 and dynamically manages the handset's performance, but until now users have not been able to choose whether it's turned on or off.

Apple's also introducing new updates to its ARKit — rather than only being able to recognise horizontal surface, it can now work with vertical surfaces too, being able to place items on walls and doors. The camera resolution in AR has also been improved, giving a 50 percent increase in resolution.

Less important updates include new Animoji, and a new function called Business Chat, which lets you talk with selected business customer service operators directly through Messages. It's unlikely to be available in the UK for some time yet though — the listed businesses currently supporting the feature are all US-based.

To see the full list of updates coming to iOS 11.3, which will roll out this spring, visit the Apple Newsroom page. [Apple]