Apple's Latest Vulnerability is the 'Text Bomb'

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier this week, a new bug affecting iPhones has been discovered. Nicknamed 'chaiOS', or the 'text bomb', it's a text message containing a malicious link. Even without clicking the link inside though, merely receiving the text message can cause the recipient's phone to crash or restart itself.

The bug was discovered by Abraham Masri, who shared the malicious code as a test on popular developer site GitHub.

Of course, tweeting a malicious code and asking nicely for it not to be used for 'bad stuff' is generally not enough to dissuade wannabe evil-doers, so after his tweet started to get shared hundreds of times, Masri deleted the code to prevent it being spread any further.

Masri also reported the issue to Apple, but now he's deleted the code, it shouldn't affect any more phones — unless it is re-uploaded and reshared at a later date. [Telegraph]