Assange Hopes for Prison* Release

By Gary Cutlack on at

That man who's under the mistaken impression he's in a prison would like to be allowed out of the prison of his own imagination, and is asking the UK courts to have him... released.

The man is, of course, Julian Assange, the world's highest profile non-prisoner since David Blaine sat in a plastic box suspended by a crane. Assange and his people have launched an appeal to the courts to have the outstanding UK arrest warrant against him dropped, which would mean he could then walk out of his non-prison without the fear of being arrested and going to... prison. Or worse: America.

It's all very complicated in his head for some reason. A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service explained today's legal activities quite simply, saying: "He is seeking to have the warrant of arrest discontinued because the Swedes have confirmed that the extradition warrant is no longer live. He is seeking that therefore the warrant of arrest should be taken out as well."

Which means he could walk out through the normal, unlocked front door of his carpeted cell today, if it goes his way. [Guardian]

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