BA Removes Reclining Option From the Cheap Seats

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Airways is about to take action against the very worst type of traveller, with the seat-recliners of the world soon to discover their seats can no longer be rammed back into the faces and knees of the passenger behind.

The carrier is to introduce fixed seats on 35 new Airbus planes that are coming in to serve its short-haul routes this year, which should mean it can squeeze in an extra row or two of upright-only chairs and better compete with the Easyjets and Ryanairs of the world. Flights of up for fours hours in duration will be served by planes with the restricted seat cabins, which BA says will be fixed in a less than upright "gentle recline" position.

In more positive news, it's about to start giving away Magnums to international travellers, seeing as they pay more to begin with. [The Sun]