Bath Plans Tourist Tax on Overnight Stayers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bath's council has come up with a plan to help pay for the costly maintenance of all those viaducts and baths and Roman things it has to continually patch up with the right kind of legacy mortar -- tax the tourists.

That's what Bath and North East Somerset council will do if given approval by the Local Government Association, with the current plan being to add a levy of £1 per guest to everyone coming in and spending a night in one of the city's hotels. This could raise £2.4m a year, they say, which ought to buy quite a few paving slabs cut from the right kind of local stone.

Council leader Tim Warren thinks it not at all a suicidal move that'll alienate millions of potential tourists as it's only a quid, and said: "We believe that considering the numbers of visitors we get in Bath a small fee for overnight stays is the way forward. This would go to service the tourism budget."

He's planning full colour leaflets galore. [The Times]

Image credit: Wikipedia