Black Mirror's Latest Creepy Marketing Stunt Involves Taking Over a London Tube Station

By Tom Pritchard on at

The last few months haven't been particularly great for Netflix's marketing department. It ended the year with a creepy viral marketing stunt for the fourth series of Black Mirror, advertised The Punisher with what looked like an email phishing scam, and came under fire for calling out users who had been watching certain films a bit too often.

Now they've gone and given London's Old Street Station a Black Mirror-themed makeover, and while it's not quite as disturbing as some of its other marketing stunts it's still a little unsettling. Especially if you don't recognise the series' logo.

The adverts include phrases like "the worst is yet to come" and cryptic teasers for each of the fourth series' six episodes. Teasers that some people consider spoilers, though people do consider everything a spoiler these days.

Apparently every advert within the station is dedicated to Black Mirror, which shows just how much Netflix really wants people to watch the show. Particularly those who live and work around Shoreditch, provided they can be dragged away from baking vegan, paleo, gluten and dairy free brownies.

Appear Here, who curate marketing campaigns at Old Street station, told the London Evening Standard:

"We partnered with TfL to re-imagine the London Underground experience and enhance the everyday journey. We didn’t want to fill Old Street station with your average station retail and this activation embodies just that. Old Street is filled with forward-thinkers and early-adopters, which makes it the ideal place for brands to test out more daring ideas."

I'm not sure I'd call featuring the same adverts over and over again "daring", though maybe they were talking about the underlying creepiness. At least the adverts aren't seemingly following people around like that Trivago advert featuring the same barely-enthusiastic model. [Standard]

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