Blue Planet II Fuels Reusable Coffee Cup Guilt-Buying Spree

By Gary Cutlack on at

Frontline consumer bellwether Argos claims to have spotted a hot new trend emerging from the chaos of Christmas 2017, with sales of one particularly bearably designed disposable coffee cup rocketing by 537 per cent over recent weeks.

There are two reasons for this sudden embracing of portable cups, according to the chain. One is the looming menace of the latte levy or randomly applied cup tax or whatever you want to call it, that threatens to raise the price of hot drinks by a variety of pence to discourage the use of/pay for the cost of recycling awkwardly made insulated disposable cups.

The more interesting reason put forward by Argos's Dawn Ritchie is that we all got very sad indeed watching Blue Planet II and are heeding David Attenborough's advice on avoiding things that can't be easily recycled and inevitably end up in a vast floating lump out in the sea somewhere. Ritchie said: "We saw a huge growth in the sales of travel mugs over the Christmas period. This was partly spurred on by the popularity of shows such as Blue Planet II, as well as some of the UK’s biggest coffee chains offering compelling discounts for customers with reusable cups. With the recently-proposed ‘latte levy’, we expect this trend to only grow as awareness of disposable cup waste increases."

What's wrong with doing Nescafe on the office kettle or a flask of tea, you wasteful kids? This is why you can't have nice things like mortgages or hot meals. Only an ironic revival of the tartan flask can save this generation. [Mirror]

Image credit: Unsplash