Brazil Wants Apple to Tell People Exactly How to Get Their iPhone Batteries Replaced

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the wake of revelations that Apple really does deliberately slow down older iPhones, Apple has been doing quite a bit to make it up to people. Because battery issues are supposedly why the slowdown happened, the company decided to knock down the price of a replacement to $29/£25 whether people actually need one or not.

But apparently that's not good enough, because Brazil wants Apple to provide clear and explicit instructions on how to get their batteries replaced.

Procon-SP, state agency responsible for customer issues, has told Apple that it needs to directly inform customers of the new policy change, with a clear explanation about how Brazilian iPhone users can purchase the replacement batteries. While Apple employees apparently refused to sign the initial notification, the agency considers the company 'notified' and is giving it 10 days to provide the necessary information.

It hasn't revealed what will happen should Apple refuse to comply, but Procon-SP does have the power to impose fines and initiate legal action if necessary. But considering how simple this request is, it feels as though Apple would have to be pretty stupid to refuse. All it takes is an email and a little bit of text that a monkey could put together:

  1. Take iPhone to Apple Store, or Apple-authorised service provider
  2. Ask for the battery to be replaced
  3. Pay newly discounted price
  4. Return when replacement is complete
  5. ????
  6. Profit!

As 9to5Mac points out, Brazil only has two Apple stores, so Apple will likely have to provide a list of authorised providers people can go to instead. That way consumers get things like warranty and non-judgemental conversations with support staff if something goes wrong. [Reuters via 9to5Mac]

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