BT Starts Selling G.Fast With a 100Mbps Guarantee

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT is now offering two new types of "ultrafast" broadband to lucky people living within the footprint surrounding profitable exchanges, with BT Ultrafast 1 and 2 now selectable for some customers.

The deals that wrap up some G.Fast coverage with FTTP lines come with quite the package of promises, most notably a minimum speed guarantee. BT says that if your speedtest result ever drops below the 100Mbps level on its two new Ultrafast products -- that promise connections of "up to" 152Mbps and 314Mbps -- a no-haggle £20 compensation payment will be payable. That's quite a boast, although you're limited to four rebates a year and zero if it's because of a genuine fault or you messing with the wires.

The difficulty here is that an engineer will have to come to install it to ensure everything's done right to begin with, plus the prices are a bit on the ultra/super end of the spectrum, with the 152Mbps Ultrafast 1 costing £54.99 a month, and Ultrafast 2 listed for £59.99. [BT Ultrafast via ISP Review]

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