Captain Birdseye's a Hunky Silver Fox Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The old, grey, marginally repulsive, Santa-like Captain Birdseye is long gone, with this latest reinvention of the baffling figurehead of fish fingers seeing the captain transformed in a hot 50-something suspiciously fit, supposed grandad.

He's the adventuring kind of swashbuckling grandad rather than the more typical housebound viewer of repeats of Wycliffe, and can surely only be a grandad because he knocked someone up when he was 17. He's got a lovely cap and a smart Uniqlo jacket which he's pairing with a nice scarf, appears at ease with children and can read the instructions on a frozen food box. He's also rich enough to own a boat. He is, as Bird's Eye itself might suggest, quite a catch.

Bird's Eye marketing man Steve Challouma said: "Our Captain has always been a trusted brand icon, with a passion for fun and maritime adventure. The change in this new campaign aims to make him more relevant to consumers, focused on the simplicity and authenticity of food, whilst retaining his trademark adventurous spirit." [Campaign]