CES 2018: HTC Teases a Brand New Vive Headset

By Tom Pritchard on at

VR might not be as popular as some people might like, but it's still far from dying off. To the point where HTC is teasing some new developments for the Vive headset, with what seems to be an emphasis on resolution.

Whatever could this mean? Speculation is that HTC might be taking a leap into the realm of 4K. Currently the Vive has a resolution of 2160×1200, which means each eye sees Full HD resolution. Upping that to 4K per eye would be a big step, particularly since the Vive (and Oculus Rift) is noticeably pixelated when you strap in.

If it does, and manages to beat the competition to the market, it gives the Vive a significant advantage. It'd also be nice to hear something about the next generation of Vive controllers, codenamed Knuckles, which has five buttons to keep tabs on all five digits on your hand.

So far this is all unconfirmed, with no absolute confirmation from HTC or Valve. CES has only just begun, though, which means there's still plenty of time for both companies to tell us what's going on. Even if the 4K leap doesn't happen, a resolution boost to 2K per eye would be better than nothing.

We can also probably expect to see more of the standalone Vive Focus headset, though it's a bit too early for any resolution-based announcements for that.

We'll have more when we hear it from the source. [Ubergizmo]

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