CES 2018: Samsung's Folding Phone May Have Made a Secret Appearance in Las Vegas

By Tom Pritchard on at

While shows like CES are primarily for companies to show off their products to the public, the fact almost the entire tech industry is there in one place means it's the perfect place for private meetings. What those meetings are for vary, but sometimes it involves a showing off tech or products that isn't ready to be unveiled in public.

This year was no different, with Samsung apparently showing off its bendy smartphone to some lucky clients.

The idea of a bendable smartphone has circulated for years, but so far the best we've had are dual-display phones with a hinge in the middle. Interesting, but not quite the kind of thing people had in mind. The rumours of Samsung developing a proper bendy phone have never really gone away, but in recent months they've been picking up some steam.

Now, according to Korean publication ET News, they showed something off at CES. Well two things to be more precise, a phone that folds outwards and another that folds inwards. While it's still not clear whether Samsung expects to release either of them this year, the outward folding phone is supposed to be less likely because it requires more advanced technology to do what to does.

Industry sources claim that production on the phone is due to start by the end of this year, so it might be the kind of thing we'll see for real at next year's CES and/or MWC. Sources also claim other phone makers had bending phones on show behind closed doors, so the Galaxy X, as it's been referred to by the press, may not be alone.

Unfortunately there's no way of verifying the accuracy of the report. Samsung isn't going to admit to something it's obviously worked hard to keep secret, and the ET News' sources asked not to be named for obvious reasons. [ET News via Ubergizmo]

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