CES 2018: SanDisk Squeezed 1TB of Storage Into a Single USB Stick

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every time a big tech show roles around we inevitably see some sort of miniature storage device with a ludicrous amount of space. SD cards, microSD cards, USB sticks, you name it. CES 2018 is no different, with SanDisk showing off a regular-sized USB stick with a whopping 1TB of storage squeezed inside.

This isn't the biggest USB Stick out there, seeing as how we already saw the 2TB Kingston DataTraveller at last year's show. It does, however, squeeze everything into a much sleeker body and ditches the rectangular USB connector for the future-ready USB-C. That way you'll be able to plug it straight into a phone or an expensive new laptop without having to invest in an adaptor.

Unfortunately this stick is only a prototype, with no word on if and when it'll go to market. Needless to say we have no idea how much it would cost if it ever did. It's a pretty safe bet that it would cost more than any of us could possibly justify paying, particularly since a regular sized 1TB SSD with USB-C costs over £240.

Still, I have a working 1TB hard drive that's the size of a book (and a hefty one at that) so the fact that the same amount of space has been shrunk down so much in the past nine years is an impressive accomplishment. Hopefully it won't be that long before we can get our hands on one of these USB sticks without having to be late with the rent.

Umtil then we'll just have to be satisfied with SanDisk's UltraFit USB 3.1 USB sticks. There's no pricing or availability information on those, but the fact they're packing 256GB of storage means they'll be much more affordable. [TechRadar]

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