CES 2018: The Coros Omni Bike Helmet has Bone Conduction So You Can Cycle With Your Tunes

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back during IFA last September I shamelessly declared a smart bike helmet to be my favourite gizmo of the show, because it had a bunch of cool shit like speakers and automatic lights. Now that CES has arrived it's clear that Coros also thinks that sort of thing is a good idea, and is showcasing a smart bike helmet of its own.

At its core, the Coros Omni is a bike helmet that's designed to protect your fragile head should you take a tumble, get hit by a car, or cycle yourself straight into the back of a bus.But it's more than that, packing a bunch of extra hi-tech features inside to make your trip more comfortable.

The main one of note is the bone conduction, which lets you listen to audio from your phone (connected via Bluetooth, naturally) without having to dull your senses with headphones or cycle around with big obnoxious speakers. That means you can amuse yourself with, say, an audiobook, or take calls without having to worry about not being able to hear what's going on around you.

The battery has enough juice for eight hours of use, which should be more than enough. Not many people can cycle for more than eight hours a day, and those that can probably have expensive helmets they don't want to replace. There's also a playback remote that attaches to your handle bar so you can control whats happening without having to move your hands around.

The back of the helmet also features two strips of red LEDs (one left, one right) that you can turn on with the remote. They don't have any sort of indicating function, though, which seems like a big missed opportunity. Finally there's an internal crash sensor that can call someone if you do have an accident, automatically sending a message from your phone.

Corso will launch the Omni sometime this quarter, charging $200 ( £149, UK price TBA). According to the website FAQs Corso will ship the helmet themselves in North America, and have distributors lined up in the UK and Australia. [Corso via TechRadar]

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