CES 2018: The World's Biggest Tech Show Just Lost Power

By Rhett Jones on at

Journalists, industry heads, and tech enthusiasts have decended on Las Vegas this week for the annual CES showcase of bleeding edge electronics. On Wednesday, everyone gathered around giant gleaming TVs, strapped on VR headsets, played fetch with robot dogs, and then the power blew out.

Currently, Gizmodo’s correspondents are wandering around amongst the booth lackeys and PR shills in the dark, and everyone is getting a nice break from the eye-searing pixels and jargon-laden patter of pitches.

Electric car showcases provided our photographers with some illumination, while sleep-deprived bloggers headed towards the sun for the first time in their lives.

Of course, all of the attendees have their own sources of light to guide the way.

And CES Twitter is freaking out:

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