CES 2018: This Mobile VR Headset Comes With Eye-Tracking and Brain Sensors

By Tom Pritchard on at

VR has been around in its current form for a few years now, and now we find ourselves mulling over the question of where it can go next. According to HTC it's improving the headset itself, with better features, better resolution, and (of course) wireless connectivity. LooxidVR takes it in a different direction, however, with some features people have been hyped about for years.

Looxid's headset is mobile-powered, rather than being a fancy expensive piece of kit like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. But don't hold that against it, because it also comes packing eye-tracking cameras and EEG sensors for detecting brain activity. It can also track pupil dilation

It's the next logical step, really. Sure we can work on improving resolution and all those smaller nitpicky things we don't like about current VR headsets, but we need to take some big steps forward if its going to keep people interested.Eye tracking in particular has the potential to give users a lot more control over he virtual environments, though I imagine it is somewhat limited by the field of view in the headset. There's no such thing as peripheral vision in VR after all. Not yet, at least.

The new sensors also mean the headset can collect a bunch of new information, which can be used in a variety of different ways. EEG sensors might not seem at immediately relevant for, say, gaming, but it's the kind of thing that could prove invaluable for medical applications. But depending on how it process your brain activity, it's the kind of information that could be incorporated into entertainment.

How would you feel about a VR game that changes the difficulty based on your mental state? Get a little bit too complacent and you might suddenly find things going wrong. Get a bit stressed out and maybe it'll ease off a bit. I'm just speculating, but that would be incredibly cool.

Looxid VR is currently on show at CES, where attendees can have a go for themselves. Pre-orders will open on 1st February for an unspecified price, and you can read more on the Looxid website. [The Next Web]

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