CES 2018: Willi.i.am Just Bought a Headphone Company

By Tom Pritchard on at

For years Will.i.am has been peddling crap gadgets, in his attempt to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Some people might have hoped he'd give it a rest and stick with the music, but that isn't happening. Particularly not since his tech company i.am+ just bought out a headphone makers Earin.

Earin is best known for making some of those totally-wireless Bluetooth earbuds that have become popular over the pas couple of years. In fact some people claim Earin's crowdfunding efforts produced the world's first totally-wire-free earbuds, which seemed to be fairly well received - despite some issues with connectivity.

While wireless earbuds are generally quite discrete (definitely more discrete that the stuff Will.i.am has come with) Earin's earbuds were notable for their flashy packaging and presentation, which makes them a perfect fit for i.am+.

So far it isn't clear whether Earin will manage to survive as an independent name, but you can be sure the company's tech and resources will be put to use developing something new. The downside is that anything they do produce will probably be horrendously overpriced, just like Mr Am's previous products.

Earin made a good product, though, which hopefully means they can produce something good for i.am+. Here's just hoping being taken over by a company with a reputation for producing crap gadgets doesn't ruin them. [TechCrunch via Engadget]

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