Coca-Cola Bottles Are Set to Get Smaller and More Expensive

By Kim Snaith on at

Two words to invoke fear and outrage into any fan of sugary drinks: sugar tax. It's due to come into effect in April this year, and Coca-Cola has just revealed that its 1.75 litre bottles are going to shrink down to 1.5 litre... and cost 20p more.

The government's sugar tax states that any drink made with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml will be subject to a tax of 18p per litre. If that amount of sugar goes up to 8g, then the tax is 24p per litre.

The Coca-Cola company has stated that it has no plans to change the recipe of its most popular drink. That recipe contains 10.6g of sugar in every 100ml, so will be taxed 24p on every litre.

If you're a drinker of Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Zero, then the price - and size - of each bottles will stay the same. Sugar-free drinks are exempt from the sugar tax (naturally, because they don't contain sugar), but it wouldn't surprise me if The Coca-Cola Company decided to reduce the size of bottles at some point to keep its product range consistent.

The government estimates that the new sugar tax will raise an additional £520 million every year — money that it says will be spent on funding sport for primary school-aged children.