Concept Micro-Flat for London Helps Stack Humans in Small Cubes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Designers working on ways to carry on making money out of houses now that no normal person can afford have come up with an idea -- make them vastly smaller. Make the bed also a wardrobe. Make the bit on top of the kitchen cupboard the only shelf. No one needs headroom when they're asleep, so put the bed near the ceiling. That sort of aggressive landlord thinking.

This crazily compact design of a possible affordable "micro-flat" has been assembled by Ab Rogers Design, under a brief to create a future flat for Londoners at risk of being priced out of life in the city: with a target rent of between £700 and £1,200 a month. That's still loads of money to live in something that even a hamster would start to display signs of claustrophobia from being shut in after a fortnight.

Potential sad people of the future will enjoy 19 square metres of space to secretly hate being in, with stairs that are also storage units leading up to a bed near the ceiling, and a wardrobe under the bed, with just the one "giant window" for glumly looking out of and a bathroom small enough to get piss on all four walls. Just think of your entire life as being on a "glamping" holiday and it might be bearable. [Standard]

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