Confide Adds Screenshot-Proofing to iOS, Hopes to Expand to Other Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Security tools that prevent screenshotting are nothing new. Android's had it for a while, preventing people from taking screenshots of sensitive apps like banking. That sort of things doesn't seem to be available on iOS, but Confide wants to make it a reality - adding screenshot protection to its own app as a first step.

In case you haven't heard of Confide, you should know that its a messaging app with a big emphasis on privacy. The goal is to make it as secure as having a verbal conversation, with end-to-end encryption, time limits on messages, and screenshot protection where available. iOS has been a weak link there, since Confide claims screenshot protection isn't technically feasible. That's where the company's ScreenShield comes into play.

In the past Confide could only limit screenshots to one line of text at a time, and while that made it more annoying and time consuming to copy a whole message it wasn't as secure as they wanted. ScreenShield offers that, and any attempts to screenshot content will result in a screenshot of a blank screen. It also prevents other types of screen capture, including AirPlay screen mirroring, screen recording, as well as taking screenshots from other places like the app-switcher and Xcode.

The good news is that ScreenShield is not restricted to Confide, with a development kit being made available to other developers who want to stop their stuff from being captured. ScreenShieldKit is designed for easy implementation, and Confide promises there are no gimmicks involved - it just works, as Apple used to say.

So someday soon apps like Snapchat might be completely free of sneaky people screenshotting your disposable pictures and messages.

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