Could This Be The Most Suspicious Looking Lego Set Ever?

By Kim Snaith on at

This Lego set from 1996 is called 'Gator Landing', but it looks much more suspicious to us than that. Dodgy-looking geezers walking around with wads of cash and an unmarked vehicles? There's a Lego cocaine smuggle going down!

Posted on the Lego reddit forum last night by user Muhnamajeff, the now-retired Lego System series was Lego's flagship range, since replaced by City and Creator. This particular range falls in the 'Leisure' subtheme. Yeah.. leisure. Alongside much more innocent sets like Vacation House, Wave Jump Racers and Ice Cream Cart. Somehow, South American Drug Smugglers doesn't seem to fit in the same category to me.

Let's break it down. Two dudes in sunglasses. That's suspicious-looking enough. The helicopter's obviously for a quick getaway, and this guy in the forefront with the cases full of cash? Well. The less we say about him, the better. I'll bet there's some Lego guns stashed in the back of that van, and without a doubt it's going to get messy and one of them's going to end up as gator food. [reddit]