Cycling Doesn't Knacker Your Knackers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey that examined the compressed and squeezed genitals of men who identify as cyclists has found that they're all one hundred per cent fine, with no sexual or urinary deficiencies noticed in people who wear special shorts and take pleasure from rubbing themselves on extremely hard seats.

This survey of the sexual health of cyclists included examinations of the white parts of 2,774 cyclists from the UK and around the world, and compared their sexual and urinary health with that of swimmers and runners. The researchers found there was no difference in performance between the groups, or between casual cyclists and the extreme world of the high intensity sports rider that puts on more than 25 miles in a session.

All they found was an increase likelihood of acquiring "genital numbness" from the power riders, suggesting this can be negated by spending a bit more time standing up on the pedals. [BBC]