Dog Walker in Somerset Finds Iron Age Skull

By Kim Snaith on at

When you're out walking your dog, it's not unusual to come across random items. A lost glove, perhaps. Maybe even a pie. But a skull? Coming across a skull while walking next to the River Sowy in Somerset isn't an ideal situation, but that's what happened to Roger Evans back in March 2017.

It's taken until now for scientists to examine the skull, who have now ascertained that it belonged to a middle-aged woman who lived somewhere between 380 and 190 BC. That's pretty cool.

It appears as if the skull was severed from the woman's body either at the time of her death or very shortly after. Archaeologist Richard Brunning reckons the placement of the skull near a river bed may symbolise some kind of ritualistic offering.

After the skull was discovered last year, water levels in the River Sowy were lowered to allow archaeologists to search the area for more evidence of life from the iron age period. No more human remains were found, although some wooden posts driven into the bed of the river were discovered, which are currently being carbon-dated.

Next time you're out on walkies with Rover, keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what kind of historical marvel you might stumble across. [BBC]

Image source: Environment Agency