Escaped Snake Skips Fare on Shipley Bus

By Kim Snaith on at

Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him? Forget snakes on a plane — public transport users in West Yorkshire had a shock when a two-foot long corn snake was found at the back of a bus.

Bus driver Joanne Searle had to make an unexpected stop while driving her route in Shipley when a passenger shouted up from the back, "there's a snake at the back of your bus!"

Being a corn snake — a species indigenous to the United States and a popular type of pet — it wasn't harmless, but naturally the sight of any snake on a bus caused panic, so West Yorkshire Police were called to deal with the rogue traveller.

It turns out that the snake had belonged to a previous passenger on the bus who'd had the snake in a box to transport it to a pet shop to find out its sex. The slippery serpent managed to break free of its box without the owner noticing — he didn't realise until he'd got to the pet shop. We imagine owner and snake have since been happily reunited.

As far as we're aware, the snake has not been prosecuted for not possessing a valid ticket for travel. [Sky News]